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Patriot Paws        by: Harry Tee


My name is Harry Tee and I want to share my life with you. As you can see by my handsome picture, I am a Golden Retriever. I live in Ft. Worth, Texas with my Person, Carolyn. She is a great gal and my best friend. She had me certified and I have had a great life working with children in a program called “Children Reading To A Dog". I am now retired and needed something to keep me busy. A friend of mine, Betty, asked me to help raise money for Patriot Paws in Rockwall, Texas. Since the Vets and I both wear dog tags I thought this was a great match. This a great non-profit organization that trains my pals, other Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers and Labradoodles as service dogs for our vets that need a friend and a helper. At the present time they have 62 Vets waiting for my trained buddies and 48 are now in training. It takes about 2 years of training before they graduate and then a 2 week introduction period with their very own Vet Person. I am so excited about this project that my tail hasn’t stopped wagging!!! Oh Boy!!! What an honor to give back to those that have given so much to us!!!


On January 27, I attended mass at St. Anne’s Church in Ft. Worth, TX to tell the parishioners about Patriot Paws. My Person, Carolyn and my friend, Betty are members there. Fr. Roger Grist, the priest, at St. Anne’s introduced me to his parishioners and those kind loving folks donated generously to Patriot Paws. I am so excited and thankful for such a great start on my project. This is just the first stop of my planned journey for this worthy cause. Check my blog the first week of each month and I will have more information about my adventures. My pal Allie Carol, also a Golden Retriever is having puppies. I will have pictures and great news to share with you.

On February 8, I accepted an invation to visit VFW Post 2137 during their monthly meeting. They were very kind and made dotations to my new friends at Partiot Paws :)

HarryVFW-small-04        HarryVFW-small-01

Thank you, VFW Post 2137

I invite you to visit  http://patriotpaws.org/ to learn about the outstanding services this organization provides for our Vets. If you would care to make a donation, tell them Harry Tee sent you. The address is:

  Patriot Paws
254 Ranch Trail
Rockwall, TX 75032

        Harry Tee   


     Check out my Blog:  http://harrytee.wordpress.com